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Thank you for the interest in making the effort to read this terms. It shows your interested or trying to get more info on what this Guru Vendor is about. Feel free to go through the terms listed below. If you have any question on what is covered here, please feel free to drop a message at contact us section and we will get back to you with an answer. Meanwhile, you can also read our frequently asked question by user and vendor.


Anyone can sign up as a Guru Vendor and start selling your digital or actual products. You have to be the copyright owner or the person who created the product/services that you will be selling here. Any intellectual claim on your product will temporarily suspend your account and any fund that you have in it.


All payments will be collected by us during the checkout. We will have a 7 days grace period for the fund to be cleared into your account. We support auto payment of commission provided that you have entered a verified PayPal id at your vendor profile. For those without PayPal, we can do a local bank transfer to you. We prefer it to be CIMB account, but we do accept other local banks. If there is an dispute on your product or a charge back claim, we will hold the fund of the affected product and will clear the rest to you. There is no time limit for holding the amount on your account. Therefore you can request withdrawal once you have accumulated a bigger commission(example RM500)


We have a product base shipping charges. Therefore, you as a vendor can set the shipping charges for each product that you are selling. We strongly recommend the use of PosLaju or Skynet when shipping out the product to buyers. Do note that there is a section to update the tracking number to the buyer once you have made the shipping. You can look at our vendor guideline to know how to do this.
01 Product that include shipping costs must have physical deliverable sent to Buyers.
02 Vendors are responsible for all shipping arrangements once the buyer provides the shipping address.
03 Sumber Guru does not handle or guarantee shipping, tracking, quality, and condition of items or their delivery and shall not be responsible or liable for any damages or other problems resulting from shipping.
04 To avoid disputes related to shipping, please make sure you added tracking number for the order. We require updating the tracking number in the order page once make the shipment.


You can sell any products that are related to teaching and useful to our fellow teachers. Do note that all products added by you will be send to us for moderation and review before being published on the site. If there is a modification or clarification needed, you will get a message from us to justify it. We strongly recommend that you only submit the products once you are certain that you have updated all the necessary section or field. Making any changes on the live product will push it back to pending for moderation from admin status and will not be visible on the site store.


You as the vendor of the product have the right to price your product. The minimum amount is RM2 as that is the lowest amount supported by the online payment gateway. We strongly recommend you to check and compare how similar products as yours is priced on the store. Competitive pricing leads to better sales conversion. Do keep in mind that we are selling to our fellow teachers. So do keep them low as possible as this is a teacher to teacher concept store.


All buyers will be able to review your product or service. The rating will be displayed on your vendor profile. More ratings and good review brings more sales. So it is important for you to provide a good service to your buyers.


Happy Selling

*This page was last updated on 26/7/2017

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